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Appraisal Pre-Requisites 

To ensure the appraisal report can be submitted to you and all of our clients in a timely manner here are a few steps that you can take: 

Subject Property Access

Please ensure the subject property is fully accessible during the appraisal inspection. Lenders request that the appraisal value reflect the current "as is" condition of the property. To fully and adequately meet this requirement our licensed appraiser will need to conduct a thorough inspection of the property. 

  • Inform all occupants in the property of the appraisers arrival

  • Leave all doors unlocked and all rooms accessible for the appraiser including garages, storage areas, basements etc.

  • Understand the interior and exterior of the property will be photographed during the inspection

* Failure to facilitate these requirements could result in rejected loan applications by the lending institutions.

Legal & Title Issues

To ensure appraisal reports can be completed in a quick and efficient manner. Please have all documents that a title search would reveal and is not visible during the initial inspection for the assigned appraiser.


  • Easements 

  • Encroachments 

  • Title work

  • Permits for additions to the property

  • Tax bills

  • Etc.

*Please e-mail all legal, title & other particular files directly to the appraiser or and include the file name and subject property address in the subject section. 

Other Particulars

Any other information you feel might have an affect on the appraisal assessment please make them available to the appraiser. The more information available to our team the better we can facilitate your appraisal assignment.


  • Prior Appraisal Reports

  • Home Inspection reports

  • Prior Sales/Listing Agreements

  • Etc.

*Please read our Legal Terms of Use & Privacy Policy before completing all appraisal requests and payments. 

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