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Appraisl Reports

Full Service (AIC) Appraisal Report

Full Service Residential Appraisal Reports for lending purposes are the most commonly requested and used appraisal reports. 

Drive-By Limited (AIC) Appraisal Report

Drive-By Appraisal Reports are less common than Full Service due to their limitations in use. They are commonly used as an update for lenders and brokers alike.

Desktop Appraisal Report

Desktop appraisals are less detailed reports than Drive-By Limited reports and often are used for a simple update where applicable or for general knowledge in regards to valuation. 

Market Rent

Market Rent Data is data specifically included in appraisal reports to help requestors gauge how well their subject property would do in terms of money landlords could charge for rentable space. This data is not included in the appraisal report unless specifically asked for. Please indicate if you would like to have market rent data accompany your appraisal report in the special instructions section of the request appraisal page.

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The appraisal quotes attributed to each type of appraisal report roughly reflects the estimated amount of time each of our licensed appraisers will spend during the appraisal process which includes the inspection if needed, research & analysis, completion and the reviewing conducted by our CRA's.

Due to the fact that the time and services required for each stage varies greatly from one home appraisal to the next, quotes may differ in accordance with the variety of subject properties we deal with. We understand that this might be an issue especially when saving time is essential for your business. In order to better assist all of our clienteles needs we have included supplementary services to better serve you.


       Supplementary services : 

  • ​Expedited Appraisal reports (Urgent assignments) 

  •  Out of Range Appraisals

  • Revisitation 

  • Court testimony 

  • Multiple structures 

  • Complex/rural properties 

  • High-valued properties 

  • Historical properties 

  • Stigmatized properties ​


If it is known that the subject property and appraisal assignment falls into any of the aforementioned or unmentioned categories please indicate so when requesting an appraisal so we can quickly and effectively process your request.

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