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Welcome to STATEWIDE

Welcome to STATEWIDE

Property Valuation Services Inc.

We Work for Lenders...

We Work for Lenders...

Ensuring our appraisal fees are the lowest in the market or we'll match it.

We Work for Brokers/Agents...

We Work for Brokers/Agents...

Client satisfaction is a #1 priority and we guarantee it by offering FREE approximate values for properties BEFORE the appraisal is carried out.

We Work for You!

We Work for You!

Make your FREE appraisal request from the link below now!

Why Choose Us

Statewide is a leading appraisal service valuation company that focuses on providing professional real estate property valuations as well as mortgage and real estate business related services for financial lending institutions, real estate professionals and consumers alike. We cover all residential property types and our mission is to extend the highest degree of customer and appraisal services to our clients by always pursuing the most honest and accurate assessment of real property. 

What We Do

Our Mission

We're Fast

We ensure a licensed appraisers is available 7 days a week to satisfy all of your appraisal, mortgage or real estate needs as quickly as possible.

We Experienced

Each appraisal report is accompanied with extensive & in-depth market research and analytics provided in a easy to read PDF format directly to your email so you can make an informed decision regarding your real propery!

We're Principled 

Our Canadian Residential Appraisers,  with the highest designation in residential property valuation ensure our services adhere to the Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice set forth by the the Appraisal Institute of Canada.


Coverage Map

We stay informed with market trends & laws in every Municipality

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